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Industrial Services

Our Industrial Services

Our powerful Wash Works London trucks are capable of cleaning and sanitizing the most challenging industrial messes and spills, equipped with up to 12 hours of water, and able to run in any high-pressure or temperature environment. We are here to help you with an individual cleanup or a regular cleaning schedule, utilizing our mobile wash technology which gives us the flexibility to travel to you whenever and wherever necessary.

Trusted Industrial Power Washing Service In London

Wash Works London – your number-one industrial power washing service in London. Our mobile wash technology gives us the flexibility to travel to any location and handle any job, ensuring that your industrial messes and spills are properly cleaned and sanitized.

With our powerful Wash Works London trucks, we are capable of cleaning any high-pressure or temperature environment up to 12 hours. We understand that no two situations are the same, so we are here to serve your individual cleanup needs or provide you with a regular cleaning schedule that meets your specific requirements.

In addition to our industrial cleaning services, we also offer additional services such as landscape cleaning, gravel cleaning, etc. These services are designed to help you maintain the appearance of your industrial space without sacrificing the cleanliness of your business or property.

We are dedicated to providing individualized attention to each of our clients and our knowledgeable and experienced staff are always available to answer any questions or concerns. Whether you are in need of a one-time cleanup or an ongoing maintenance schedule, Wash Works London is here to help. Contact us today to learn more and discuss your individual industrial power washing needs.

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Factory Sanitation & Maintenance

Dirt accumulation can quickly become a problem in industrial settings. Wash Works London offers factory maintenance packages to help customers maintain a safe and operational environment. These packages ensure that the production line remains free from dirt and residue, as well as damages caused by harsh Canadian winters. With our assistance, customers can focus their energies on more critical matters, knowing their factory is in good hands.

Industrial Equipment Cleaning

Keep your equipment clean and operating at peak efficiency with our pressure washing technology. Our services can help reduce production outages and machine downtime, while preserving energy efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of your machinery. Contact us to learn more about how our pressure washing services can help you maximize operational success.


Industrial Spills & Stain Removal

At Wash Works London, we understand the importance of responding quickly in the event of an accident. Our operations enable us to provide a prompt clean-up service for industrial spills, preventing any residual staining on your factory floor.

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