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No Job Too Big

If you’re looking for top-quality pressure washing services in London, you’re in luck: Wash Works London has the equipment needed to deliver the best possible results! Our team is able to meet the needs of all customers, and we offer fast, dependable service at respectable rates.



yellow excavator on the white background.

Commercial Trucks

Large white American truck with a trailer type dump truck for transporting bulk cargo on a gray background. 3d illustration.

Light Trucks and Vans

Flat bed van

RV’s and Busses



The image of an passenger motor boat

Machinery Cleaning Services

yellow excavator on the white background.


Maintaining and degreasing construction equipment is critical for efficient operations and extended life, ultimately saving both owners and operators time and money. Cleaning your machinery involves more than simply hosing it down or wiping it with water and soap; it requires specialty cleaning materials and equipment.

By having Wash Works London clean your machinery, workers, and managers on the job site can be sure that their equipment will stay in great condition and continue to perform optimally.

Commercial Truck and Trailer Cleaning Services

Large white American truck with a trailer type dump truck for transporting bulk cargo on a gray background. 3d illustration.

Commercial Truck and Trailer

We offer a selection of professional cleaning services for commercial organizations of all sizes, from large companies and government departments to the smallest of business vehicles in the London area. Our team works hard to ensure top-notch customer service and highly competitive fleet rates, giving our clients both time and cost savings.

Our field service vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies to make sure your fleet is kept running efficiently and looking great. We provide London with some of the best power washing services in the industry — delivering superior results at an unbeatable price.

Light Truck and Van Cleaning Services

Flat bed van

Light Truck and Van

At Wash Works London, we understand how important it is for you to maintain a good company image, so we offer full fleet cleaning services for courier services! We make sure to meet your specific cleaning requirements and budget and to make it even better, we offer competitive prices and top-notch results. Plus, there are discounts available for both small and large fleets on weekly or monthly packages. We can come to your door whenever is most convenient for you.

Our pressure washing comes with brushes used to remove all types of dirt and debris that may have built up on the truck, then if necessary we use degreasers and aluminum brighteners to give your truck that extra shine.

RV and Coach Cleaning Services


RV and Coach

Don’t wait to clean and detail your RV or motorhome whether you live in it year-round or just use it seasonally – make Wash Works London’s mobile services an easy, convenient option! Our experienced professionals have the right tools and insurance coverage to get the job done properly. Learn more about our services for your RV or motorhome and book your appointment today.

Boat and Watercraft Cleaning Services

The image of an passenger motor boat

Boat and Watercraft

It is essential to keep your boat and watercraft clean, as it is more important than you may think. Simply wiping around doesn’t work; you have to enlist a professional boat and watercraft cleaning service.

If your boat and watercraft are not properly cleaned, it could cause issues with its functioning due to weather exposure, like rusting and corrosion. This can significantly impact its shape and performance, potentially leading to hazardous accidents. So, make sure to get your boat and watercraft regularly cleaned by professionals like Wash Works London!

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